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To what extent do you agree with Herzsteins view that Nazi propaganda was so successful that it can be called the war that Hitler won Free Essay Example, 1500 words

To what extent do you agree with Herzsteins view that Nazi propaganda was so successful that it can be called the war that Hitler won? The anit-semitic sentiments of the Europeans and especially that of the Germans were converted to an all round attempt to slaughter all the European Jews during the period ranging from 1941 to 1945. This might be credited to the large-scale Nazi propaganda led mainly by Hitler addressing the â€Å"Jewish Question†. The anti-semitic sentiments therefore served as a rationale behind this kind of mass murder but initiated by the strong propaganda where influential speeches were delivered to convey that the Second World War was connected to the Jews and hence not really a coincidence or accidental. During his speech at Reichstag Hitler delivered a speech where he threatened to kill all European Jews if they inflamed such a war. Therefore through heir propaganda the Nazis justified the mass murder of Holocaust by a combination of hatred, self-satis factory resentment and mistrust. The policy of the Nazis ranged from persecution to extermination and this occurred parallel to the radical speeches of the Nazis delivered publicly against the Jews, therefore justifying the effort as a defensive action against the global war against the Germans by the â€Å"International Jewry†1.We will write a custom essay sample on To what extent do you agree with Herzstein's view that Nazi propaganda was so successful that it can be called 'the war that Hitler won' or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In this context, Hertzstein expresses the propaganda as a war won by Hitler. The paper attempts to analyze this along with some opposing views to prove that despite the manipulation and shrewdness of the Nazi agenda, it would not be appropriate to say that Hitler did not win the war through his propaganda. The Nazi propaganda including text and visual depiction of the wartime principles is enriched with the revelation of the reasons behind the anti-semitic thoughts, which led to harassment of the Jews during the Holocaust. The Nazis, starting with Hitler and Goebbels thought about the propaganda as â€Å"mobilizing, manipulating, controlling, directing and (re-) educating the population†2. The western scholars strongly promoted that the utilization of the modern technology formed one of the essential characteristics of the totalitarian nation as per the propaganda. Hence in such a state the population falling to shrewdness and manipulation has been a trademark of a â€Å"totalitarian society†. The authority of the Nazi propaganda over a group of helpless people cannot simply explained by totalitarianism. The propaganda succeeded with respect to earning loyalty of the Germans to Hitler on grounds of idealistic leadership notion or the idea of â€Å"Der Fuher†.

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Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Children - 1698 Words

Abstract The influence of alcohol advertising has been around for many years. People don’t understand the damage that alcohol abuse can cause and will cause if someone decides to start drinking on a regular. Often time’s people begin to drink because they are stressed and becomes a habit that one can no longer over come. Once down that road it is hard to recover, but if you are willing to recover there is always clinics and family that will help. Alcohol abuse and enslavement are enormous current issues of the created world having multivariate causality and numerous impacts. Alcohol abuse in youngsters is a matter of focal significance because of its wide range enduring impacts, so as adults we need to install in the children today more about the effects of alcohol abuse. Introduction Temptation has at one time overpowered every one of us in our lives and the length of one does not permit it to expend him/her then they are in a solid perspective. However when allurement turns into a hotspot for one s social and individual end then it has metastasized into enslavement. Liquor use in a group with abiding more established grown-ups is basic, and the line between social or moderate drinking and liquor misuse and physical reliance is frequently not clear. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism characterizes over the top drinking as more than 14 drinks a week and/or more than 4 drinks at the same sitting. A meaning of enslavement is having a reliance to aShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Alcohol Abuse On Children1321 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can affect all aspects of a person’s life.† Even though it is legal for anybody at least age twenty-one and over, alcohol is commonly abused among adults. When people think abou t alcohol abuse, they usually only focus on the one person who is drinking in excess, but what if that person has a family or is a parent? How does alcoholism affect their children or loved ones? The majority of people would suggest that binge drinking only mainly affects the one person doingRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol On Children s Relationship With Alcohol Abuse964 Words   |  4 Pagesseven goes in depth to reflect on families coping with alcohol abuse. The textbook is straightforward about children with one or both alcoholic parents in treatment and recovery from alcohol abuse. As much as the substance abusing parent needs help, so do the children in the family (Price, Price and McKenry, 2010, p. 152). Relative to the Green family, the authors discuss alcohol-specific effects involving the parent’s relationship to alcohol and how these behaviors are related to their child’s behaviorRead MoreThe Effects of Alcohol Abuse1472 Words   |  6 Pagesdoing things t hey should not. Alcohol is one of those things. Alcohol is extremely easy to get ahold of. It can be attained from anywhere; there are bars and liquor stores on every corner. One can get alcohol in grocery stores, gas stations, people can even brew it themselves if they know how. Alcohol that is commonly abused comes in a large variety ranging from weaker alcohols like wine and beer to stronger substances like tequila and vodka. When one abuses alcohol it taints the minds of even theRead MoreCauses And Effects Of Alcoholism1194 Words   |  5 PagesCause and effects of Alcoholism Alcoholism has become prevalent throughout time in History. This affliction has brought about several negative effects to the users as well as America’s society in general. Such effects include brain damage or organ failure, separation from family and eventually death. It is not easy to tell if a person abuses alcohol until much later. Alcohol abuse calls for total attention because of the violence-related risks it symbolizes in society. Despite alcohol’s acute harmfulRead MoreHow Substance Abuse Negatively Affects The Baby While During1328 Words   |  6 PagesHow substance abuse negatively affects the baby while during a woman’s pregnancy. Many women across the world cause complications to their unborn child when they choose to abuse substance. There are many types of substance abuse such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse. Most likely when women choose to engage in these types of activities it causes harm to the child and birth defects. Long term and short term deformities and conditions are present in the child. Other factors play a part into whyRead MoreThe Abuse Of Drugs And Alcohol1365 Words   |  6 PagesThe abuse of drugs and alcohol has been a known issue over past decades. The media paints the picture that alcohol and drug use is fun and the only way to have a good time. While alcohol in moderation is fine, many people find themselves going over board and abusing it. Elicit drugs like cocaine and heroin are highly addictive and have several adverse effects. People find themselves depressed and anxious so they ultimately try to use these drugs to mask the pain instead of getting help for theirRead MoreLong T erm Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse1467 Words   |  6 PagesLong-term effects of child sexual abuse Child Abuse can be a fundamental reason of causing issues for children and young people in physically and mentally. The primitive damage caused by child sexual abuse effect on the child’s developing capacities for trust, intimacy, agency and sexuality so that child sexual abuse is considered as a trigger of mental health problems and increase the risk of major depressive disorder in early adulthood or throughout their lifetime. There is a fact that thoseRead MoreChild Abuse Is An Issue That s Going On Every Day1037 Words   |  5 PagesChild abuse is an issue that’s going on every day. Child abuse is defined as harmful behaviors against children which can become psychological. Child abuse includes different conditions. It can harm children and teenagers in different ways, including being abused sexually, physically abused, child neglect, emotional neglect and abuse, and failure to thrive. These conditions can effect a child or a teenager’s in different ways. I t can interfere with the way the child turns out to be in the futureRead MoreWhat Is the Appeal of Alcohol?1662 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol is one of the most abused drugs in the world. Why do people use alcohol in the first place? Many people do experience a relaxed feeling known as a â€Å"buzz,† after having alcohol. They only focus on the pleasurable feeling the alcohol bestows on them. Each person has a different reason for drinking alcohol. Most people want to have an enjoyable time with others and drink. Others may drink to escape stress caused by a tough day in the office or being laid off from the company. Alcoholic parentsRead MoreAlcoholism : Alcoholism And Drug Dependence1054 Words   |  5 Pagesmembers and friends. It is important, to understand the effects that alcoholism can bring to the alcoholic and to the family members. Some of these effects cause health, emotional, physical, and financial problems all affecting the consumer which can be male or female, and the family members. It is important to point out that alcoholism has a cure which requires a long treatment of therapy and support from family members and friends. One of the effects that affect the family is the health of the consumer

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Surviving School Free Essays

I never enjoyed going to school. It was always the bane of my life. When sitting in classes I just looked at my watch counting the minutes down until I could leave. We will write a custom essay sample on Surviving School or any similar topic only for you Order Now Each day, .time seemed to tick slower. It was like being in prison, just counting the days down until you would be released. There was a reason why I hated school so much. It wasn’t the rest of my peer group, but one particular teacher who made my life the living hell that for me was my school life personified. Loren was his name – Ralph Loren. He was the Maths teacher who picked on me in every lesson. He even made fun of me in front of my fellow peers, telling them to laugh at me every time I got something incorrect. Maths was a lesson which we had every day and therefore it was almost impossible to avoid his daily burning hatred for me. I felt he treated me differently from the others. It was as though he had this burning desire inside him to make my life a living misery. But for what reason I don’t know. Coming from a tough background made me quite a tough cookie, but Mr. Loren made me feel different. I couldn’t stand the bullying and physical abuse he gave me. I tried telling my parents but my Mum was too busy with work trying to keep the family afloat. My Dad? Well he used to be a professional boxer before he became brain damaged. He was an excellent professional boxer fighting only the best but he suffered a high degree of brain damage in a championship fight and is now restricted to the use of a wheel chair as he has now nearly lost all mobility and memory. Doctors say it will only be a few more months before he forgets even his own family. Needless to say I learned to look out for myself and fight my own battles after all that we’ve been through. It’s tough but it has to be done if I’m to survive and keep my sanity. . However I still have the problem of Mr. Loren. I decided that strict action was to be taken. I had to fight this battle alone but I needed help. I contacted a few old friends who used to live on the estate with me in Brixton. They didn’t like me and I didn’t like them but we all had an unspoken understanding and when there was trouble we looked out for each other. We had to for our own safety. These people were the sort of people who you wouldn’t want to meet out on a dark night on your own!. These were people who the Mafia wouldn’t even want to do business with! They were really that bad. They offered me a few solutions to my ‘problem’ and I said I would get back to them with my decision in the next few days. It was a lot to mull over. I decided to leave it a few days in case things got a little better which I sincerely doubted. For the next week Mr. Loren bullied me like never before. He hit me; he even beat me with metre sticks. I had bruises down my body, I was in real agony. I decided to leave him in the grasps of my mates from Brixton. He had to be taught a lesson like never before. For the next week Mr. Loren was absent from school. Everyone thought he was just ill. The school knew nothing of his whereabouts. As time went by people seemed to forget about Mr. Loren as we now had a replacement Maths teacher who was absolutely brilliant and I longed for her to stay on full time if Mr. Loren was not to come back. As time went by I forgot all about Mr. Loren. I just assumed that he had learnt his lesson and fled the country. It wasn’t until one night when I really realised what had happened. I was walking back from town one evening when I passed the Television Rentals store. I always liked to have a glance at what was on because I had never owned a television before. I was wandering around the shop glancing at the programs on the various screens. When suddenly I saw the latest news bullet flash up onto the screen. An unidentified man had been reported missing matching roughly Mr. Loren’s description and had subsequently been found by police searching the area. Police had scoured sections of woods and lakes when a few passers by had noticed a floating body in an old marshy lake on the outskirts of town.. My heart seemed to stop beating momentarily. I didn’t know what to think. I decided that the best course of action was to run to the other side of town to gather what was going on. I had never run so fast in my life. When I reached the crime scene the whole area was cordoned off with tape. I asked whether the body had been identified yet and they said that the corpse was still undergoing identification. After hours of patient waiting the corpse was identified as a one Mr. Loren. I was horrified at the news. I left for home as swiftly as I could escaping without trying to look so suspicious. I didn’t know why I was worried though because I never carried out the crime. I never intended for anything like this to happen anyway. All I wanted my mates to do was give him a good beating to get the message through to him that he should leave the country. I got home and went straight up to bed without saying a word to anyone. The next morning I tried for hours to get through to the boys in Brixton. Eventually when I did get a reply it was an elderly woman who had just moved in and knew nothing of any boys that used to live there. The boys had obviously decided to leave and rightly so after what they had done. I thought I was in the clear. I picked up a newspaper on the way to school the following day and it had the horrific build up story of what had happened to Mr Loren the night he had been murdered. It said that he had been shot five times in the head and chest and had sustained serious bruising all over the body. The paper was asking for witnesses to come forward. Even Mr. Loren’s family was offering a reward for the capture of his brutal murderer. A shiver ran down my spine. All I hoped was that the murder weapon was still in the safe hands of the Brixton boys. A few weeks later the murder weapon had been found in some nearby woods. The gun was to be checked for fingerprints and I knew that it would have the Brixton Boys’ prints all over it. I was wrong I had been framed. I remember as a boy shooting pigeons with a small colt pistol that the Brixton boys had given me. When I left I returned it to them as I no longer needed it and said I was mending my ways. They weren’t best pleased as you could well imagine. I now know why they were only too pleased to help me. They wanted to get me back for all those times when they did something wrong and I ratted on them.. I now know never to trust a living soul again. tried life on the run for a few days but eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. I handed myself in. I knew I stood no chance of defending myself as the gun had only my prints on. I am now facing a secure unit then when I’m eighteen I will be moved into a secure unit. After a few weeks of life inside I learnt of the sad death of my father, which inevitably lead to the sorrowful suicide of my Mother. How to cite Surviving School, Papers

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Themes of Robinson crusoe Essay Example For Students

Themes of Robinson crusoe Essay ThemeRobinson Crusoe is an exciting novel of adventure written by Daniel Defoe. The story is of a man named Robinson Crusoe who disobeys his father, and goes out to sea against the will of his family. Consequently, he encounters numerous misfortunes the climax of which, he lands stranded on a deserted island. Through all his trials he never seems to be satisfied with his â€Å"station in life,† and continues to risk comfort for adventure; which unfailingly places him in a lower position. Throughout life, one should be satisfied with his comfortable â€Å"station in life,† rather than risk loosing everything to seek adventure. We will write a custom essay on Themes of Robinson crusoe specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Crusoe did not learn this hard lesson of life until it was far too late. In the beginning, his first mistake was to deliberately disobey the advice and commands of his father. His father tells him not to leave, explaining that Crusoe belonged to â€Å"the middle state, orthe upper station of low life, whichis the best state in the world, the most suited to human happiness, not exposed to miseries and hardships.† Crusoe however, does not wish to take the easy route in life, but to seek out adventure on the ocean. Shortly after Robinson leaves home, he realizes he has made a bad choice. He feels it is too late to return home, and pursues his imprudent journey. After several more adventures Crusoe ends up in Brazil where he become a wealthy planter. He is isolated from other people, but has everything he needs. After much hard work he acknowledges he is â€Å"coming into the very middle stationwhich my father advised me to before.† He realizes that if he stayed at home to begin with, he would not have had to go through so much diligent work, and life-threatening adventures to reach comfort. Even though his life is satisfactory as it is, he risks everything trying to better his life by buying slaves. Once again Crusoe is punished for going against his father’s original teachings, and is marooned on a deserted island. Once he is on the island, Crusoe make due with what he has. He keeps pets and finds plenty of food to eat, but never returns to that â€Å"stationmost suited for human happiness.† After Crusoe has spent most of his natural life stranded on his island, he looks back on his life and realized what a fool he has been.

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Mermaid Purse vs. Skate Case

Mermaid Purse vs. Skate Case Perhaps youve found a mermaids purse on the beach. Mermaids purses blend really well with seaweed, so you may also have walked right by one. Upon further investigation, you can learn more about what they are. The enchantingly named structures are the egg cases of skates and some sharks. This is why they are also known as skate cases. While some sharks bear live young, some sharks (and all skates) release their embryos in leathery egg cases that have horns and sometimes long tendrils at each corner. The tendrils allow them to anchor to seaweeds or other substrates. Each egg case contains one embryo. The case is made up of a material that is a combination of collagen and keratin, so a dried egg case feels similar to a fingernail.   In some areas, such as in the Bering Sea, skates seem to lay these eggs in nursery areas.  Depending on the species and sea conditions, the embryo may take weeks, months or even years to fully develop. When they hatch out of one end, the baby animals look like miniature versions of their skate or shark parents.   If you find a mermaids purse on the beach or are lucky enough to see a live one in the wild or in an aquarium, look closely if the developing skate or shark is still alive, you may be able to see it wiggling around.  You also may be able to see it if you shine a light through one side. The egg cases on the beach are often light and already opened, which means the animal inside has already hatched and left the egg case.   Where to Find a Mermaids Purse Mermaids purses usually get washed or blown to the high tide line of the beach, and they often get wrapped up in (and blend in well with) seaweeds and shells. As youre walking along the beach, walk in the area where shells and ocean debris seems to have washed up, and you might be lucky enough to find a mermaids purse. You may be more likely to find one after a storm.   Mermaids Purse Identification Found a mermaids purse on the beach and want to know where it is from?  Skate and shark species vary by region, but there are some identification guides out there for you beachcombers wanting to identify your finds. Here are the ones Ive found so far: Egg Cases of Alaska (great pamphlet about where baby skates come from)Shark Trust Egg Case Identification Key (UK) Conservation Factors To learn about population sizes and reproduction, some organizations have launched citizen science efforts to have people report and send in egg cases they find on the beach. Click on the links below for more information on reporting mermaids purses that you may find. The Great Egg Case Hunt (Shark Trust, UK)Marine Dimensions (Ireland) References and More Information Florida Museum of Natural History. Shark Biology. Accessed February 28, 2015.Florida Museum of Natural History. Ray and Skate Biology. Accessed February 28, 2015.Shark Trust. The Great Egg Case Hunt Project: Frequently Asked Questions. Accessed February 28, 2015.Weis, J. S. Do Fish Sleep? Fascinating Answers to Questions About Fishes. Rutgers University Press. 217pp.

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Biography of Moses, Leader of the Abrahamic Religions

Biography of Moses, Leader of the Abrahamic Religions Moses, if he existed, likely lived in Egypt during the dynastic New Kingdom, and he was an early leader of the Hebrews and one of the most important figures in Judaism. He is a significant patriarch of all the Abrahamic religions, those who use the Torah, Christian Old Testament, or Quran as sacred texts. Fast Facts: Moses Known For: Patriarch of the Torah, Christian Old Testament, and QuranBorn: Land of Goshen, New Kingdom, EgyptParents: Yocheved and AmramDied: Mount Nebo, MoabSpouse(s): Adoniah or Tharbis, an Ethiopian princess; Tzipporah the MidianiteChildren: From Tzipporah, Gershom and Eliezer. Early Life If there was a historical man named Moses, he would most likely have been born in Egypt (the Land of Goshen) during the reign of Ramses II (ruled 1279–1213 BCE), the pharaoh of the New Kingdoms 19th dynasty. According to the Torah, Moses was the youngest of three children born to Yocheved (sometimes spelled Jochebed) and Avram. Yocheved was the daughter of Levi; she married Avram, a grandson of Levi, which means Yocheved was also Avrams aunt. Moses siblings were Aaron (the founder of the Hebraic priestly dynasty) and Miriam (an important prophetess). Pharaohs Curse Not much else is available on Avram or Yocheved in the Torah itself, but Midrashim records- ancient rabbinical commentaries on the Torah- say that Yocheved was 130 years old when Moses was born and that Avram divorced Yocheved while she was pregnant, so that their son Moses would escape the pharaohs decree. According to Exodus, the pharaoh of Egypt decreed that all Hebrew boy babies were to be drowned at birth. Yocheved hid her newborn son for 3 months and then placed her baby in a wicker basket in the Nile River reeds. The baby cried and was rescued by one of the pharaohs daughters, who kept the baby. This legend is similar to one in the Mesopotamian story of Gilgamesh, when the Sumerian king Sargon I was placed in a reed basket and floated down the Euphrates river. In the Court of the Pharaoh Moses sister, the prophetess Miriam, knew what would occur and was watching when the daughter of the pharaoh took the baby. Miriam came forward to ask the princess if she would like a Hebrew wet nurse for the infant. When the princess agreed, Miriam fetched Yocheved. Moses grew up in the palace as an adopted son of the pharaohs daughter (identified the Midrash as Queen Bithia), but he went to see his own people when he grew up, and as an adult he may have been a governor working for Ramses II. During Ramses IIs reign, Ethiopia was an Egyptian province with an Egyptian governor named Mesui, who some scholars suggest was Moses. While in Ethiopia, Moses married an Ethiopian princess named Tharbis or Adonais. When he witnessed an overseer beating a Hebrew, Moses struck the Egyptian and killed him, with the beaten Hebrew as a witness. The pharaoh learned that Moses was the murderer and ordered his execution. Moses fled to the land of Midian, where he married Tzipporah, daughter of Jethro. Their sons were Gershom and Eliezer. A Burning Bush In the land of Midian, Moses was tending a flock of sheep for his father-in-law when he saw a bush that was burning but not being consumed by the flames. He approached the bush and first an angel and then God (or more properly Yahweh) himself spoke to him, telling him that he must return to Egypt and shepherd the Israelites out to Canaan, their promised land of milk and honey. Moses was convinced when Yahweh changed his staff to a snake, then gave him a new staff with which to lead his people. Moses returned to Egypt to seek the release of the Hebrews and to bring them to Canaan, but when he approached the pharaoh, Ramses refused to release the Hebrews. In retaliation, Yahweh imposed a series of 10 plagues, the last being the killing the firstborn of every Egyptian. Only after suffering through the beginning of the tenth plague did the pharaoh relent, telling Moses he could take the Hebrews out of Egypt. However, after Moses and the Hebrews left, the pharaoh reversed his decision and had his men follow them. When they reached the Red Sea, Moses used his staff to part the waters and allow the Israelites to pass through the seabed. The Egyptian soldiers also entered the dry seabed, but once the Israelites had safely crossed Moses lifted his arms: the sea closed, and the Egyptian army was drowned. The Biblical Exodus During the 40-year journey of the Hebrews from Egypt to Canaan, Moses went to Mount Sinai to fast and commune with Yahweh for 40 days. There, he received the 10 Commandments from Yahweh. While Moses was gone, his followers including Aaron became nervous that he would not return and built a golden calf. Moses told Yahweh that his followers had begun to leave and Yahweh wanted to kill them, but Moses dissuaded him. But, when Moses saw the actual calf and altar he was so angry he hurled and shattered the two tablets holding the 10 Commandments; Moses made two more tablets and Yahweh inscribed them again. When the people complained they needed food in the desert, Yahweh fed the Israelites with manna, a substance white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey that rained down from the heavens, and quail. Death Near the end of the 40 years, Yahweh informed Moses that only the new generation of Israelites would enter Canaan, and for that reason, Moses would never see the Promised Land. Moses climbed Mt. Abarim and saw Canaan on the horizon, but that was as close as he would come. Moses chose Joshua as the successor, and, at the ripe old age of 120, Moses climbed Mt. Nebo and died. Who was Moses? Much of this tale is legendary and full of miracles, the stuff of ancient religion. But the role of Moses in the Bible, to Jews, Christians, and Moslems, is rich and complex beyond the miracles. He is seen by all three as the leader of the Israelite people who shepherded them out of Egypt. He is the embodiment of Mosaic law- the one who interceded with Yahweh on behalf of his people, and the one who acted as a judge on behalf of the sacred. He was a teacher and the founder of the cult and sanctuary of the ancient Hebraic religion. The last four books of the Torah- Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy- are primarily dedicated to the life and activities of Moses and his people. Exodus starts with the birth of Moses and Deuteronomy ends with his death and burial by Yahweh. Early interpretations of that circumstance suggested that Moses himself wrote the books of the Torah (or received them direct from Yahweh). Modern biblical scholars mostly agree that the five books were redacted from four independently written documents written long after Moses would have died. The Ptolemaic-era Egyptian historian Manetho mentions Moses- again, long after Mosess death. There are other late historical references in the writings of the Roman historians Josephus, Philo, Apion, Strabo, Tacitus, and Porphyry. His story is told in the Bible in the book of Exodus and the ancient commentaries on the biblical text known as the midrashim. As Musa, he is also is a significant prophet in the Quran. Biblical scholar J. Van Seters, said it best, The quest for the historical Moses is a futile exercise. He now belongs only to legend. Sources Feldman, Louis H. Josephus Portrait of Moses. The Jewish Quarterly Review 82.3/4 (1992): 285–328.Josephus Portrait of Moses: Part Two. The Jewish Quarterly Review 83.1/2 (1992): 7–50.Nigosian, S. A. Moses as They Saw Him. Vetus Testamentum 43.3 (1993): 339–50.Robinson, Marilynne. Moses. Salmagundi 121/122 (1999): 23-46.RÃ ¶mer, Thomas. Moses Outside the Torah and the Construction of a Diaspora Identity. The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 8.15 (2008): 1–12.Van Seters, John. Moses. The Encyclopedia of Religion. Ed. Eliade, Mircea. New York: Macmillan, 1987. 116.Wineman, Aryeh. Between Person and Metaphor: Moses in the Hasidic Homily-Literature. Hebrew Studies 59 (2018): 209–20.

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Recruitment & Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recruitment & Selection - Essay Example Advertisements online both on job seekers' and corporate sites can be a viable way of getting as much number of candidates. This can be further enhanced by subscribing to the services offered by recruitment websites which gives employers access to its database of applicants. Having this access will allow Westpac to directly contact applicants who hopes to pursue a career in banking. Since the company can have the chance to choose the background of their potential employee. It should be noted that this can be really helpful recognizing that it is serving a diverse market which also requires its front line employees to match these different backgrounds (Boxall and Purcell 2003; Lieberman 2003; Riccuci 2002). In addition, Westpac should also consider recruiting CSR1 through the use of job fairs held at universities months before graduation. This will enable the company to establish itself as an attractive employment alternative after college. This can also be a good opportunity to intro duce itself not just as a company but to highlight the benefits and motivations of pursuing a career with them.